The 2nd son of the 18th generation of a sake family in Japan, Hiro spent a lifetime surrounded by creativity and artistry. On graduating from University in 1989, he travel around the world to pursuit his own business in fashion.

He had the opportunity to fly between Europe and Asia to understand the different fashion cultures, and through the journey he encountered with denim that he is very passionate for and he then decided to focus his skills on making denim.

After years of of travelling around the world, he then went back to Japan, Okayama, the birth place of denim, to study and learn the craftmanship of denim making from his denim master. He then travel back to Europe to offer his denim knowledge and introducing Okayama’s denim craftmanship to overseas. Until today, Hiro is heralded as the Master Jeans Wash designer, advising of the world’s leading denim brands. In 2000, he was dreaming to create some new material for his denim craft work. One day he was inspired by the washi material on the SHOJI (Japanese Sliding door) in his home, and started to use washi to create a new kind of yarn – known as the NO.6 WASHI Paper Yarn.

Hiro’s pursuit of excellence and perseverance to his beginning of the development of the No.6 WASHI Paper yarn took 7 years before it was ready to weave into selvedge denim fabric.

Hiro’s own brand WASHI was soft launched in 2013. His obsession with premium quality balanced by innovation and with respect for tradition and attention to detail is the signature of WASHI

WA (和) means Japanese. SHI (紙) means paper

The brand inspiration comes from traditional Japanese handmade paper “WASHI”. Our founder, Hiro Yoshikawa has dedicated over a decade in developing his own unique WASHI paper fabric using Japanese handmade paper “WASHI”. Through a refined process involving cold, natural running water and other natural material that is cool in summer but warm in winter, is quick-drying, and is shape retaining with anti bacterial properties.









The process in developing our in-house WASHI No.6 paper yarn was long and we are still constantly striving for new breakthrough. The first development of the WASHI No.6 paper yarn took 7 years, using Japanese washi paper. After that, we have been repeatedly doing tests over a demanding period of time. Finally, after 21 years, the WASHI N0.6 PAPER YARN , with a thicker quality and with both strong and soft properties using our special twisting technology was developed. During the weaving process of the fabric, we use our WASHI N0.6 PAPER YARN for the weft and ecological cotton yarn made by indigo eco-rope dyeing technique for the warp.


With sustainability being the brand key concern, the labels applied on WASHI jeans are high quality ECO-Cotton.

The sewing thread used throughout our jeans is call Japanese core yarn, after wearing for a period of time, it can create a beautiful vintage effect on the jeans. The sewing on the coin pocket area is also strengthen for more durable usage. The stitching of the back pockets hide the secret of our sewing method. In addition, at the opening of the back pockets, the high-low effect sewing technique can create more vintage appearance after wearing for a period of time.

Many hidden details can be found in each pair of WASHI jeans. The longer you wear WASHI jeans, the more beautiful they will become. Pls enjoy the experience in wearing WASHI jeans.

Each pair of WASHI jeans have a SERIAL NO. and are recorded individually, The company records the product and will deal with product after service carefully. This is where Legacy begins.


Our brand name WASHI also implies “Washing “ , denim “washing” is our brand’s essence.

We don’t use chemical on jeans to achieve quick washing effect. In fact, each pair of WASHI jeans go through over 20 times of natural washing in 100% recycle water and drying process. Each process is carefully treated by our technicians.

It takes several months to complete this whole washing process to achieve our high quality premium vintage look that very few can achieved. This is the commitment of keeping the high standard of our brand that is drive from our passion.

Each WASHI jeans carries a washing name. The washing names are based on our founder’s inspirations and his emotions. Each pair of WASHI jeans is hiding his story when he creates those wash.


Our in-house developed WASHI white selvedge paper fabric is woven on vintage TOYODA weaving machine with hand made finishing in Okayama, Japan exclusively. Every 10cms of shuttle and the switching mark on the WASHI white selvedge paper fabric is a sign of the slow weaving process from the TOYODA weaving machine.

With Okayama rich history of producing textiles, and Kojima created as the birthplace of Japanese denim, nowhere in this world has so much care put into producing every pair of jeans as in Okayama.